Our passion is to build a church of overcomers where every member is a minister and every home is an extension of the church in order that we win our generation for Christ, through cell groups that multiply at least once a year.


Passion is something that comes from the heart, not from the head! It’s a burning desire to see a project come to pass. It is the “Fire in your bones” that drives each one of us to accomplish great things and overcome any difficulty.

Passions are things that become our priorities, something that we would not just live for, but also lay our lives down for. For passionate people it does not matter if other people follow them or not. They are determined to accomplish the things they are called to do.

We believe that God is passionate! We believe He is passionate for you and to see you transformed into His image and to spread His love and plan to everyone in this world. As a group of God’s people we are passionate for the things God is passionate for.

As a church we believe in you! No just what your CV says, your friends say or even you say. We believe God has called each one of us for a very special purpose! To build means to develop that God given potential inside you. Many people spend their lives, being very busy doing things, yet never building anything lasting in their lives. We believe God placed potential there to be liberated for all to see!

Building is also about join in with others and most importantly with God. There is blessing when people join together on a project and build together in unity. Without everyone building according to the same plan, nothing is really ever accomplished. When we come together in humility and love, God builds His plans through us.

There are many wrong ideas about church. Most people think about cathedrals and long quiet prayers. We believe that the church is so totally different! It is a covenant community that has the Lord Jesus Christ at its centre. We believe that every single person is called to be a part of the church. Yes, you are the church!

Church should be a place where we can all practice the spiritual gifts God has given us and be a blessing to our friends, family and community. In the Church each person has the ability and the freedom to minister wherever they are.

The Church was God’s idea, and so to He is the one who arms and equips His Church to take on the forces of darkness. The Church is God’s weapon against the evil one and his influence.

Revelation 3:21 says that “To him who overcomes I will grant to sit with Me, on My throne, as I also overcame and sat down with My Father on His throne.” We believe everyone is called to be an overcomer. Overcomers face challenges in God’s strength, they build the Kingdom of God wherever they are and see great victories in their lives. There is a victor in all of us waiting to break out.

Overcomers are people who fulfil their purpose, can give the right answer at the right time, sacrifice what is necessary to achieve their goals and make the most of their opportunities.

Every Member Ministry?
Every Member being a minister means that the believers are not consumer but producer Christians. This does not mean wearing a dog collar, saying long sermons and speaking in old English! These believers give what they have, teach what they learn, bless others with what they have been blessed with. It’s a lifestyle are looking to see how God can use you, rather than a mentality of what God can do for you.

Being a minister is realising that you have a divine purpose on this earth and that God has called you to accomplish great things for Him.

We do also know God calls men and women to specific service in the Church as apostles, prophets, pastors, teachers and evangelists for equipping and training us to accomplish our purpose on earth. They are called to help and guide us in our ministry, not to do our ministry for us!

Every Home an Extension of the Church?
This means that each family is involved in the church life in practical and spiritual ways. For example, we use our homes for meetings, to receive guests or as places to be a blessing to our community. The family is also the first place children can experience the love of God, so we a passionate about growing strong and loving families.

Extending Church into our homes, means that the life of the church is active where we live and not only in a church building. It means that we express God’s Kingdom wherever we are.

Conquering our Generation?

God is the same yesterday, today and forever. He hasn’t changed. His promise that whoever seeks Him would find Him, remains true to this Day. We are a Church who is committed to seeing revival come first to our lives, then the lives of our friends and family and eventually every person in this generation. God wills that all men would repent and be saved – His words not ours! We have a responsibility to this generation in which we live, those in past generations cannot help us now.

As a Church we are purposeful in our evangelism. We lead radical lives that show the difference that Christ makes to us and to the life of our communities. We reject passivity and procrastination, because these only bring division and limit what God can do through us.

Cell Group?
It is the cell group that is the basis and the heartbeat of the church. A cell group is a group of between 6 and 15 people, who meet on a weekly basis in the home of one of the members. It is a place of prayer, worship, teaching, direction, friendship, mutual help, outreach, multiplication, communion, care, growth and so much more! For us cell groups are not just a midweek meeting for the “holy few”, but a vibrant expression of the Church in action.

Every cell group has a leader that guides and gives focus to the group. The leader is there to disciple those in the group.

What is it to Multiply?
The vision of a cell group is to multiply. Multiplication does not only mean the numbers get greater, but the spiritual qualities in each group also increase! God blessed Adam and Eve in the beginning and blessed them saying “Be fruitful and multiply”. We believe it is God’s desire to see each of us multiply personally and to multiply as a church. Something only multiplies if it has life. If our cell groups can multiply, then the life of God is passed down to each person. Only through multiplication can we build a lasting work that will influence this generation and those that go after us