What people said about the Vine

I came to the vine and became a Christian in march this year, I didCorrinan’t know much about God at all, all I know is I had so many different problems the last few years and couldn’t understand why I couldn’t overcome them, once I had given heart to Jesus Christ it all became very clear I had been ruled by the devil.

The vine welcomed me with open arms and I’m part of a weekly cell group which are amazing for questions I have or advice, the cell group meets at someone house and has monthly social meetings, such as BBQ’s or fun evenings out

As a new Christian within with vine I never feel alone or left out because we are all one at the vine



Oh, what a wonderful church! Being taught Word of God with simplicity and understanding by Pastor Giles and the cell groups is truly awesome. The Word is taught in a practical and effective manner so you can apply it to your everyday life. The church welcomes ALL types of individuals with genuine love and never a dull moment in the presence of God. Numerous programs to help develop your relationship with God are also available in the church and even programs for kids.

In all your getting, get understanding!