Impact Day

Did you ever see yourself as someone walking through a maze? The fact is, however good or bad your life is, it is the result of choices and crucial events or meetings. If we look through the entire Bible we will see amazing stories of people who had their lives completely transformed because of a meeting with Jesus; people like the Samaritan woman who was marginalised until she met Jesus at the well. We could also mention the impacting meeting between Jesus and Paul. That meeting was so powerful that it totally changed Paul’s life. Wherever you are at in life, a meeting with God is always refreshing, reorientating and life-changing. This is what the Impact Day is about. It is a day that can completely change your life!

Maybe this may sound a bit pretentious, given the complex issues in our lives, yet everything is possible to those who believe. If you come to the Impact Day in an attitude of faith, I am sure the Lord will surprise you with all the amazing blessings he has in store for you. The program is composed of five dynamic sessions based on Key Christian principles such as forgiveness, restoration of dreams and God’s purpose. You will be surrounded by amazing, friendly people who will be praying for you and helping you to work through any struggles in your life. A breakthrough is waiting for you! One day in the presence of the King of Kings can change your life! Believe it! We are all looking forward to having you there.

The Impact Team

Event Details

  • 5th May 2018
  • 08:00 am - 05:00 pm
  • Shrivenham Memorial Hall
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