Pop-up Cell Groups Project

The Summer Pop-Up Cell Groups Project

Too busy to commit to a regular cell group ?
Would you like to have a cell group at your house but not on an on-going basis?
Would you like to connect with other people in the church?
Always thinking about exploring your leadership skills but lacking opportunity?
A summer pop up cell group is for you!
Some questions that you may have…

What is a pop-up cell group?

Pop-up cell groups are similar to our regular cell groups but they are designed to last just 8 weeks. They don’t come from a multiplication but instead we just open a completely new group. All we need is someone willing to host and someone willing to lead it.

What is different in the meeting?

The pop-up cell meeting follows the same structure as a normal cell group, with ice breaker, worship time, word, prayer and fellowship: however it is different in its length - the meeting will last just 60 minutes. Another different thing is that each week we will talk about a theme, like: forgiveness, family issues, money struggles and others.

Why it is easier to lead a pop-up cell group?

We want to offer a smooth leadership experience to all the ones who would like to be involved, so each leader will receive a weekly pack in the Sunday service with everything sorted out. It will comprise the whole program for the cell group already outlined and ready to go. You will be able just to read and share it. Even the questions and answers for the time of sharing will be there for you. We will also provide a worship cd and print the necessary lyrics. You will only need to think about the snacks.

Why we need to open new groups?

Sometimes a change is refreshing. So new groups mean new opportunities, new neighbourhoods, new friendships and breakthroughs. Also, having a cell group near by makes life easier. Why not even host the new group? -After all, it is only for 8 weeks. Being a host is a great opportunity to invite people in a very friendly way. Maybe this is your chance to see your relatives or colleagues become saved.

How will the pop-up cell groups will help me to connect?

In two ways. First of all, if you are already a regular member of a cell group, you will know that unfortunately a stagnated cell group can limit your relationships within the church, so the pop-up cells will be an amazing opportunity to connect with different people for a while. Secondly, for the ones who are not yet part of a regular cell group, maybe because you have been running out of time, maybe because it is too challenging a commitment for you, it’s a good opportunity to try joining a small set up group and see what’s going on.

If I am already member of a cell group and decide to go with the project does this mean that I will have two weekly meetings?

Not necessarily. If your cell group needs your support, and if you have the time and energy to do both it is fine. However, most of the people joining the project will stop attending their regular cell group for 8 weeks in order to run the pop-up cell groups. After the 8 weeks you would be able to return to your ‘mother’ cell group as normal.

What pre-requisites do I need in order to lead, host or just get involved in the project?

None. It’s not like a normal cell group where ideally you should have first done the SMC and LTC courses. For the summer pop-cell groups, as long as you are willing to follow the material and instructions that you will receive, you are ready to go. You can even challenge a non-believer to host the pop-up cell group for the 8 weeks.As a church we truly believe in the priesthood of all believers and this project is just one more tool to fulfill this vision. Come and join us!

Event Details

  • 6th May - 14th Juy, 2018
  • Wroughton
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