Welcome to a New World!

When a child is born you might hear a father say, “Welcome to the World”.  The baby’s senses are now alive to light, sound, touch and taste.  It is entering a new world and has many experiences ahead and lessons to learn in order to grow to be a strong and mature adult.

So too with you who have now been born not physically but spiritually.  As fathers in the faith to you, we want to say, “Welcome to a New world”.

Before your conversion you were seemingly cut off from this world, rather like a child in the womb is in the world but has no perception of it.  Now your senses are alive.  You can see God everywhere!  You can sense His presences and hear His voice in your heart!

Like the new-born babies God has prepared experiences and lessons in order for you to grow to be a mature believer.

We want to help you with these first steps:

  1. A New Diet
    1. In God’s Kingdom our food is the Word of God.  It is both milk for the new-born and meat for the mature.  Develop a daily habit of reading the bible twice a day.
    2. In addition God’s Spirit is like living water or heavenly wine.  Eating without drinking is horrible!  You can be filled everyday with the Spirit by singing and praying.  Develop a daily discipline to worship God in song and to pour out your heart to Him in prayer.
  2. A New Family
    1. If God is your Father, then the Church is your mother!  It is important now to become an active member in a local church where brothers and sisters in Christ can help you.
    2. Participate in church services on Sunday.
    3. Join a mid-week cell group where you can form strong relationship with other believers.
  3. A New Heart
    1. The bible teaches that we become a new creation with a new heart through the conversion process.
    2. Now you must be baptized.  In the waters of baptism the old sinful man is buried and you are resurrected a new person with the image and likeness of God.
    3. Whilst you heart is new, your mind is old and full of wrong thoughts and habits.  Enroll in a Spiritual Maturity Course in order to renew your mind with revelation from the Word of God.
  4. A New Language 
    1. All children need to learn to talk.  Obviously God understands all languages, but there is a language much higher than human language called the tongues of angels.  Seek God to fill you with the Holy Spirit so that you talk in heavenly tongues.  This is not a language learned in your head but a language supernaturally given to your heart. It is the gateway to the gifts of the Holy Spirit and an intimate way to converse with the Father.
  5. A New Purpose
    1. Many people spend their whole life seeking money and pleasures.  You focus is to be different (God will take care of these things for you).  You are called to a life of divine purpose.  Your purpose is to go and make disciples of the nations.
    2. For this you need to be trained.  Enroll in a Leadership Training Course that can equip you for this work.